Sherry's Blog Posts

Q. How long have you been with Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers?
A. 4.5 years

Q. What did you do before working at Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers?
A. I worked in a Consulting Firm selling travel insurance, and prior to that I worked at Mutual Life for 10 years

Q. What is your favourite thing about working at Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers?
A. I love the staff, the ability to be flexible, great working environment

Q. What is your hometown?
A. Kitchener, Ontario

Q. What are your hobbies or favourite pastimes?
A. I enjoy watching my children play their sports, going camping and boating, reading, and hanging out with family & friends

Q. What is your favourite vacation destination?
A. Cuba

Q. Which of our core values do you identify with the most?
A. Work with our clients to make sure that their current medical conditions are recorded in their client file and are used in consideration of the coverage that is best for them

Q. Which of our Value Propositions do you think is most important?
A. We Educate you in the important matters of travel and medical insurance and shop around for the best option for YOU - we don’t sell you travel insurance, we help you buy it;