Graham's Blog Posts

Q. How long have you been with Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers?
A. Since November 2009, Brokering since July 2010.

Q. What did you do before working at Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers?
A. Prior to moving to Canada, I was a Cinema Sound and Projection Technician and Cinema Manager, spent about ten years doing those two roles in the UK. Learned a lot about customer service and working behind the scenes in a very hectic environment, and human resources for a large team.

Q. What is your favourite thing about working at Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers?
A. The people! The clients and the staff are the friendliest I've ever worked with.

Q. What is your hometown?
A. East Kilbride in Scotland, just outside of Glasgow.

Q. What are your hobbies or favourite pastimes?
A. Reading, mostly garbage, and one of the few people that still collects cds and records rather than downloading them.

Q. What is your favourite vacation destination?
A. Marseilles in the south of France.

Q. Do you have a positive memorable client moment at Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers?
A. The first time I helped a client get a denied claim turned around and paid. That's when our clients really see what we do as Brokers beyond our normal sales process.

Q. Which of our core values do you identify with the most?
A. Expect and Embrace Challenges - this absolutely sums up the roles at MQIB, we do like to challenge the team!

Q. Which of our Value Propositions do you think is most important?
A. Education - we do go further than the competition when it comes to going over the coverage with clients, we don't just take the money and run - we ensure that when you book a policy with us you know the restrictions or exclusions as well as the benefits, although we do try to find the least amount of exclusions for each client.