Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers supports cancer research

Over the years we have supported many different charities, but after some discussion, our team has decided that since many of us have witnessed friends and members of our own families' battles with cancer, we would make cancer research the main focus of our charitable efforts from now on.

One of the first initiatives we have undertaken is that with each set of policy documents we mail to clients, we are including a pair of seed-paper coasters with the lavender ribbon, which is a symbol that represents all cancers. Once you are finished using the coaster it can be planted in your garden to grow flowers!

With each seed-paper coaster we send, a donation is made to a cancer research charity.

If you'd like to make a donation to support cancer research yourself, you can go here:

the coaster leaned up against a watering can

This coaster is made with seed paper! After Use, plant the paper under 1/8" of soil. Keep it moist and in the sun to grow beautiful wildflowers.