Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers supports cancer research

Supporting cancer research is important to us at Medi-Quote is very important as one of our colleagues and friends has gone through a battle with cancer over the last couple of years. In addition, most of us have been affected by a friend or family member who has either won or lost, or is currently fighting a battle with cancer as well. That is why we have chosen cancer research as the charity of choice that we are supporting through our fundraising efforts as a company.

And now, when you purchase your insurance with Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers, we are sending a special drinks coaster with policy documents. The reason they are special is because with every coaster we send, money will go to support cancer research and also because they are made with seed paper, so once you are finished using them, they can be planted in your garden to grow flowers.

If you'd like to make a donation to support cancer research yourself, you can go here:


the coaster leaned up against a watering can

This coaster is made with seed paper! After Use, plant the paper under 1/8" of soil. Keep it moist and in the sun to grow beautiful wildflowers.